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Development News #66 - MMO Patch: Hold Your Horses!

So 10. Sep 2017, 08:16


Hey, Feudalists!

We want to update you with the changes in an upcoming patch that we’ll be releasing today - if everything goes as planned (fingers crossed!).

Most importantly, we want to WARN you that you should no longer keep your unpacked horses unattended in the gameworld. A horse without a rider or any interaction within 30 minutes will appear sleeping/laying on the ground, and after an additional 30 minutes, it will ‘run away’ and disappear completely from the gameworld. We’ve implemented this mechanism in order to minimize excessive server load, which was caused by hundredsunattended horses being stashed in the attics of residential buildings and other unsuitable - and non-horse-friendly - areas!

This mechanism will be constantly enabled in the MMO. LiF:YO server admins will be able to enable this setting by modifying the: $cm_config::Decay::HorsesDecayTimeMinutes preference.

By the way, LiF:YO owners can expect a LiF:YO patch sometime next week! :)

We have also fixed two terraforming and inventory-related dupes and that concludes all the dupes that we currently know about. Please do not hesitate to report serious exploits and dupes to us! You can expect very good compensation for those reports!

There are a couple of long awaited combat fixes being presented in today’s patch:
1. High skill level thrusting spear attacks will no longer be unparryable
2. Lancers will have their couched lance reset if the speed of their horse drops below a certain level
3. Spears can no longer be used on horseback. Only lances are allowed.
We are constantly working on balancing, tweaking and improvement of our combat system. You can expect a massive weapons rework and additional combat fixes next week. ... es-t24170/

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