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Development News #69 - Horse Carts (Pferdekarren)

Fr 15. Sep 2017, 18:22


Hey, Feudalists!

One of your most frequently requested features, which has been in development for a looong time, is at the finish line right now. You can expect horsedrawn carts to be patched into the game ‘Soon™’.

It is actually quite a complex feature, where four types of entities (horse, cart, player, movable objects) within the game have to interact with each other in a straight and logical way. This is the main reason why this feature has taken so long to implement.

We’re excited to share a peek at the current state of this feature as it looks now:

We have also implemented even more optimizations for the instanced battle servers in order to minimize the amount of lag during these huge battles. We want to thank all of our players, who have regularly organized stress test battles every weekend, and even some on workdays, to help us stabilize and improve this feature!

Stay tuned!

— The team

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