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Development News #71 — Horse-drawn Carts Rolling out

Fr 29. Sep 2017, 21:49

Hey, Feudalists!

Today we’re introducing the horse-drawn carts feature to Life is Feudal: Your Own on Steam! We are excited to see this long-awaited and highly anticipated feature to be released and available to our players!

It’s time to hit the road! Feel free to check our video showing off how you can interact and work with these awesome new carts:

We’re also glad to inform you that new castle walls models and new keeps were added to LiF:YO too. It is time for you to design some new and interesting castle patterns, protect your guild monuments with large keeps, which now contain patios to display your monuments.

We also recommend you check out today’s LiF:YO patch due to the massive amount of tweaks, mini-features, and fixes that are being presented in our continuing, strong support of the game.

— The team

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